the last 2 years at a glance

I met design two year ago. Here's a brief story of molding my 3 core values and philosophies as a UX researcher:

Testing the waters

After failing out of engineering, I joined Alpha Theta Delta - the first professional design Fraternity. I quickly rose to take up leadership positions, to educate the next generation of designers through bonding activities and UX projects. Leading us to value 1: there's no off limits to learning. Everyone has a story, and those stories are worth listening to. New perspectives & new experiences are worth celebrating.

Growing seeds

I was recruited to instruct an engineering design course (ENGR 105 at the University of Washington), and led a core of 30 students, which covered programming, mechanical & electrical engineering, CAD & 3D modeling, and fabrication techniques in makerspaces.

The students had a quarter to ideate, design, and create their own embedded system. I was astounded by the volume of creativity and the integration of design thinking and engineering thinking. Here, I was instilled my second value: design application is everywhere - inspiration is seeded everywhere among us and I can learn something from anyone.

Slow is steady; steady is fast

Taking your time and patience to gain your footing will be the fastest path. Failure is not celebrated enough - it is something that is hidden from view, usually only shown as a trophy in the face of success.

As a designer and as a human, I seek to break down what failure means for everyone. Which leads us to my final value: always give back. Sharing my negative experiences and lending my hand to those who reach out is my way of reassuring others to come to terms with their personal failures.



Outside of design, I'm passionate in education and student scrappiness. I was fortunate enough to participate and co-author research on Visual Notetaking as a means to support students.

*Published in the 2020 American Society of Engineering Education Annual Conference

Read it Here!

diy & making

I'm also into building and tinkering with my hands. Over the past couple years, I've built a 7.1 surround sound audio system that literally shakes basements, two electric longboards (a third on its way), and various other furniture projects.

I'm also handy with home improvement and landscaping. I'd happy to be a consult if you have a project idea and want to build something!