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hi, i'm schawn

eXperience Designer @ Linksbridge

PNW born and raised; passionate in mental health advocacy and education equity.

I like to get my boots dirty on diverse build projects with wood, electronics, and all things DIY.

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Research and Design work

MICA Capstone
Digital Real Estate Should be More Intuitive Than it is.


Self-Perceived Failure
Understanding opportunities to support undergraduate students by unraveling individual definitions of failure

UXR (Research)

UXR, UI Prototyping
Browsing History Redesign

Exploring how two usability heuristics can improve the experience of rediscovery & online window shopping

UXR, UI prototyping


poster art 'n photos

100 Posters, 100 Days

Using Blender for 3D workflows and compositing in Adobe CC to create abstract visual art and designs for fun

3d art & Graphic design

Photography Samples

Taken with:
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8
Nikon D3100

photoshop & lightroom