Schawnery Lin
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UX Design. Creative Direction.

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UX / UI Designer
Logo of Linkbridge SPC. Square in dimensions, has an orange truss shape with Linksbridge spelt below the mark.
Linksbridge SPC.
Crafted comprehensive UI/UX designs for a data analytics SaaS platform, covering site maps, information architecture, wireframes, and prototypes. Successfully led cross-functional teams to deliver the final product to international Global Health clients.
UX Designer / COmmunity Lead
Logo of Linkbridge SPC. Square in dimensions, has an orange truss shape with Linksbridge spelt below the mark.
Oversaw research initiatives that enhanced free resource and mentoring accessibility for new UX practitioners, leading to a 25% increase in member retention. Directed a team of five student designers in the maps and navigation sector and provided design consultations to over 250 students, resulting in a 90% successful job placement rate in desired roles.
academic projects
Logo of MICA - Maryland Institute College of Art
MICA Master's in UX Design // Thesis + Highlight Reel
Dive into an engaging collection of work that encapsulates my Master's program journey, where I honed my expertise in UX design thinking, UI, and interaction design. This section showcases my technical prowess and also offers a glimpse into the diverse projects that have shaped my creative and problem-solving capabilities.
for fun
An abstract, childlike-drawing of a large smiley face, followed by three smaller smiley faces on the ground "growing" into the canvas
Creative Exploration
Vibrant grab bag of projects and artwork. Showcase of visuals and concepts; explore a unique blend of artistic expressions that demonstrate the versatility of design skills and passions.
3D Art, Visual Arts; Creative Direction, and Photography.

Experience Highlights

Master's - UX Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art.
Bachelor's - Interdisciplinary Visual Arts from the University of Washington.

Linksbridge SPC.
UI / UX Designer Visual Designer
Nov 2021 — Present
UXD Educator, Community Manager
Mar 2022 — Present
Master's work from MICA
June 2021
Creative Explorer
Jan 2018 — Forever