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I'm a Seattle based designer, passionate in crafting experiences to empower users

I'm also an instagram artist, and currently pursuing my Master's in UX Design at Maryland Institute College of Art. I like to get my boots dirty on diverse build projects with wood, electronics, and all things DIY.

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course work & passion projects

Foundations of UX Research

8 Weeks - Solo Researcher:
- Questionnaires, Interviews
- Affinity Mapping, Personas
Glows Mobile App

8 Weeks - Solo Designer:
- Sprint Mapping, Wireframing
- Prototyping, Usability Testing
Under Construction
& Coming soon!

About myself

the last 2 years at a glance

I didn't meet design when I was young. I met design two year ago. Far too late in my college career to change majors, I began to realize the long journey ahead of me. Here's a brief overview of that story of molding my 3 core values and philosophies as a designer:

Testing the Waters --
After switching from engineering to art, I took a leap of faith to join Alpha Theta Delta - the first professional design Fraternity. I quickly rose to take up leadership positions, to educate the next generation of designers through bonding activities and UX projects. Leading us to value 1: there's no off limits to learning. Everyone has a story, and those stories are worth listening to. It's never too late to start learning from stories and perspectives & new experiences are worth celebrating.

Growing Seeds --

A year after joining Alpha Theta Delta, I was recruited to instruct introductory course on engineering design (ENGR 105 at the University of Washington), and led a core of 20 students to explore academic interests in programming, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, CAD and 3D modeling, and fabrication techniques in makerspaces. Here, I was instilled my second value: design application is everywhere - inspiration is seeded everywhere among us.

Giving Back --

I was passionately involved in competitive robotics all throughout high school, competing on the world stage against 11 thousand other teams from all reaches of the world. Some of my most rewarding cultural exchanges are attributed to the VEX Robotics community. Which leads us to my final value: always give back. One way I'm giving back is to emcee local competitions, supporting my hometown and volunteering my time to judge and mentor the next generation of robotic engineers.

just for fun

Posters, Photography, 3D generalist

100 Posters, 100 Days

*3D Art, Graphic Design

Blender 3D modeling,
Illustrator, Photoshop
Photography Samples

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8
Nikon D3100
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